How it works

You will be able to generate:

Long PasswordsThe passwords are long, about 10-15 characters (and that’s not the maximum).
Unique PasswordsEach password is different for every website.
Strong passwordsThe passwords include random letters, numbers, and special symbols.
Easy-to-remember passwordsYou’ll easily recall all your passwords.

The system works fine for regular users without exceptional memory skills.

Buy my manual
Read my guide carefully
Develop your password system
Design a personalized password system following my guide
Remember the password system
You won’t need to remember passwords, just the system used to create them
Generate the passwords
Create as many passwords as needed
One-time payment
While password managers require monthly payments, my book only requires a one-time purchase. Its price is lower than a couple of months subscription for a password manager.
Strong & Long Passwords
You’ll discover how to craft genuinely intricate passwords: mixing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
Hard to crack passwords
You’ll craft tricky passwords that stand strong against hackers.
Unique Passwords
No matter how many people read my guide, your passwords will remain unique. Each password is distinct: one site equals one password.
Easy-to-remember passwords
No matter how many passwords you have, you’ll remember them without needing a notepad or password manager.
Memory Storage
Your passwords are kept solely in your memory. There’s no risk of them ending up in the wrong hands.